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Display area

Display area

A display area of 95m2

Total modularity

8.7 million visitors a year and 35,000 a day pass in front of Espai Provenca. Each one of these people could be a potential client for your product or brand.

The display area is a large exhibition space with a maximum width of 7 metres and a depth of up to 16 metres. It is a great space for exhibiting and promoting all kinds of products or services in an interactive way.

Fully adjustable so it can be adapted to any kind of event, the display area is totally transparent and can be seen from outside. It is open to the public, allowing you to display the product in a more direct way and giving the customer easy access to the product and to your sales personnel.

Product presentation

Going beyond catalogues and brochures, customers can actually touch the product, get personal attention and directly express their requirements.

Making the display area unique

You will find all the basic elements for attracting new clients, but you will also be able to design and decorate the display area so that it fits perfectly with your product.

Food and drink tastings

Offer people the chance to taste your product. The display area has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal place for buying.

Exhibitions and workshops

Encourage customers to take part in a demonstration of your product. A good workshop can be an entertaining and relaxing way for people to spend their time.

Making the best use of your sales team

Why have salespeople in lobbies or on the street if you can have a space exclusively designed for them to do their job?

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