Generalitat de Catalunya

Espai Provença

Display area


The display area is a well-lit space of 95m2 which is subdivided into two distinct zones: the foyer and the inner room. Both spaces have exterior views. The inner room is designed for providing a more personalised customer service. The entire space has an audio system which is compartmentalised so as to be adaptable to your needs.

Meeting room


The meeting room is an area of 135m2, also subdivided into two zones, with a capacity for 80 people seated. It has the latest in audiovisual projection equipment. The space is divided by a modular wall which can be moved in case a lower capacity is needed.

The station


Espai Provença is located in the station’s main hall and it offers something that very few other spaces in Barcelona can: 8,700,000 people cross the hall each year. As such, any communication made through Espai Provença has an impact on 35,000 visitors a day, the majority being residents of the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

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