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Meeting room

Meeting room

Multifunctional space

All the technical facilities

Espacio Provença as a brand and communicator of values

Espai Provença, as a brand which represents a space connected to FGC, can serve as an umbrella brand for any product or service that wishes to take on and share in FGC’s values.

Over 25 years of experience working in promoting public transport, leisure and tourism, and the region as a whole.

The prestige of the FGC brand in Catalonia: synonymous with efficiency, effectiveness and excellence in the management of its business.

Confidence in the success of collaborations between the economic, social and cultural sectors as a driving force for promoting the region and the economy.

What the room offers

Event organisation

  • Espai Provença can be used for presenting products, fairs or regions, for tastings, workshops, exhibitions, showrooms and anything that involves promoting a product or service.

  • Espai Provença has an auditorium designed for presentations, seminars, press conferences, courses, training workshops, conferences and more.

Technical hardware and logistical equipment
  • Espai Provença has office and computer equipment, a WIFI connection and audiovisual apparatus in order to provide you with all the support you need.

  • In addition, upon request we can provide any external services that you may require, with the aim of offering you the best value for money: hostesses, catering, promotional material, signage, reprography and so on.

  • Espai Provença is equipped with storage space and a cloakroom for use by customers, with security guaranteed.

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